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This site is for Mark the Painter only - NOT anyone else   If you see this notice, please tell Google to correct their mistake! My number is 352 214 6317  Thank you!

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Terms of Service

Terms Of Service

To use this website you must agree to the following terms:

1. Mark's an alright guy.   Deep down inside.  Or at least he aspires to be.

2. I'm a pretty decent person also.  If I'm not, then I must leave this website.  But I understand I may return to this site once I - sometime in the future - have become a decent person.  Or, if I aspire to be a decent person.  That's good enough.

3. I'm not going to call 100-freakin-million people to come bid the painting work I need done.  I promise to keep it under twenty painting contractors.  Well... fifty.

4. I understand the best agreements are based on mutual respect.

5. When Mark tells a joke, I'll laugh, or else I'll acknowledge in some way that the joke was funny.  Micro-movements are acceptable acknowledgement.  Don't worry, I'll pick up on it.