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Painting Aluminum Soffit And Fascia

Gainesville Painters has recently been working closely with a few homeowners in Gainesville, FL on ideas to save them money while adding value and curb appeal to their home. One way that this was able to be done was to repaint the existing aluminum soffit and fascia after a new roof was installed rather that to replace the existing one and also doing an exterior repaint of the structure.

Aluminum soffit and fascia can be painted to any color that a paint manufacturer makes by a professional paint contractor using an airless spray machine. The products that can be applied can vary depending on the condition of the aluminum to be painted and the amount of prep work that will go into the project prior to it being painted.

The first step would be to pressure clean with chlorine the entire soffit and fascia to remove any mold and mildew that was found as well as any other surface contaminants that are present. The next step would be to decide whether or not there is any rust present, the presence of rust would mean that the areas that have rust should be primed with a oil based primer or a rust inhibiting product before painting. If there is rust present always make sure to have the area with rust properly prepped for paint as to avoid any paint product failure down the road.

There are several products available on todays market by most if not all major paint manufactures that are designed for such a product. These products are referred to as a DTM or direct to metal product. These products are designed to be applied directly to metal without the use of a primer. While these products have performed well, Gainesville Painters prefers to use a primer or at least spot prime bad areas on all their Gainesville, FL exterior repainting projects.

The option is to use an acrylic latex exterior paint, the same paint that would be applied by a paint contractor to the exterior of your home when an exterior repaint is done. Gainesville Painters recommends and uses a primer when using this option to make sure that the paint has a bondable surface on the aluminum to bond to, decreasing any chance of paint peeling or paint failure down the road.

Which ever option their Gainesville, FL customers prefer to go with, Gainesville Painters makes sure the surfaces are prepared properly to avoid any paint product issues down the road. Gainesville Painters also makes sure that its customers are aware of this option as many contractors would prefer to just have them replace it in order to save them the added labor. This is a viable option for a homeowner who wishes to save money on their home after a new roof is installed and an exterior repainting is taking place on their Gainesville, FL structure.