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It was a cold winter day some 58 years ago, when an anxious young woman was rushed to Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine. 

Her first child was about to be born.  

Little did the world know what lay in store, as this youth with so much promise, ended up becoming a house painter.

Ah, but this is no ordinary house painter.  

He could have been a doctor or a lawyer, but this man saw a need and filled it.  He recognized the vacuum that existed in Gainesville.  Not a 'power vacuum', but rather, a 'quality painter' vacuum.

And thus he became one of the world's greatest living house painters.

See, the bar is set pretty low for house painters.  Maybe you've noticed.  

Most end up painting out of default.  They fall into the profession, one way or another.

And once in the painting vocation, they tend to become dulled by the monotonous repetition.

They tend to lose their edge... their vim... they're just going through the motions.

But since we all have a need for stimulation, most painters end up finding theirs in less than exemplary ways.

Another problem with the majority of house painters involves the stigma with the profession itself.  More and more, manual labor is becoming less palatable and less desireable.  And those who engage in blue collar work are seen as somehow less-than those who don't have to work with their hands to make a living.

It's almost assumed those who engage in physical activity for a living are less intelligent.

It's not the most honorable profession, let's just say.

Of course it's never stated as overtly as that, but it's certainly implied.

People work with their hands because they have to, not out of conscious choice.  Because why would they do it if they didn't have to?

Maybe I'm cynical, and overstating the case.  But not by much.

So what's the answer?  

It's all in how you see yourself.

What's your self image?  How strong is your self esteem?  How much do you respect yourself?

I'm saying these things matter.  If I'm going to hire people to come paint my house, I want them to be 'good people'.  Good-energy people.  I want painters with good, positive energy in my house.

But that's just me.  Maybe I'm too sensitive...

Anyway, this is just my round-about way of saying I believe I'm a darn good house painter who thinks highly of himself but still maintains a healthy dose of humility.