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House Painters for gainesville florida

Getting your house painted in Gainesville Florida is easy.

All you have to do is call me up and ask me to come over and give you a free estimate, which you agree to, and then we start working.

And you get to sit back in your easy chair, while my associates and I do all the work!

You never have to break a sweat.  Well, unless you step foot outside your house, that is.  Just walking outside your doorstep is enough to make you think you're in a sweat lodge.

Ah, the joys of living in muggy Florida...

But I digress.

Look, when it comes time to hire a painter, you've got many choices.  I know that.  Painters are a dime a dozen in this town. But finding one with just the right amount of charm, charisma and character... well, that's a different story.


And how many Gainesville painters do you know who've narrowly avoided a mid-air collision with another small aircraft?  I like to think that's just one of the many ways I stand head and shoulders above the competition.

You can search high and low, and I'll bet you won't find another painter in this town who's had their pilot's license revoked by the FAA.  So I've got that going for me.

How does this help you?

Well, rather than thinking about 'approach plates', or worrying about the proper air space, I can devote all (or most) of my mental energy figuring out how to do the best possible job painting the interior or exterior of your fine home or office.


Plus, I'm a rather zen type of fellow.  I don't get ruffled easily.  Kind of like a US Senator, I maintain my composure even when those around me are falling apart.  Because I don't take things too seriously.  I take them just serious enough.

There's a balance there, you see.  Be in the world, but not of  the world.

Yes, I'm living a human experience.  But like you, I'm much more than mere flesh and blood.  And I'm always working to remember my pre-human existence.

This life goes by so quickly.  I've found the best way to live is to be in the present moment.

How do I do that?

One way is to always be asking myself, "What do I want to feel right now?"

It's a very empowering question, if you think about it.

It opens the door to a life well lived.

As I'm working, throughout the day, I often find myself checking in with how I'm feeling.

Because after all, what's more important than how you feel?

And if YOU want to feel the best you can possibly feel, then I urge you to call me today!  Let's get that puppy caulked and painted!  

And finally, here's a drone's-eye view of the University of Florida.  Enjoy!